Saturday, May 5, 2012

Read This Too!

Occasionally I'm going to link to things I've found or blogs I like or resources I want to recommend. Today is such a day! :)

Once upon a time while trying to find fat positive places on the Net, I came across a ballroom dancer and dance teacher with a blog called Dances with Fat. The dancer is Ragen Chastain, and she can be followed in blog form, in Facebook form, and probably other social sites. I'll link toward the end, because the thing I want to get to today is her current post: "The Power of the Option."

To quote:
"I don’t care how many people are shouting a lie, it ALWAYS matters what is true.   There are people out there, right now hating themselves, starving themselves, not aware that the diet industry that is lying to them about their chances of “success”.  People who believe what they have been told -  that they can never be healthy, happy, loved, or successful until they are thin, and some of them will die trying to get it done.  I’m not wasting my time, life, or mind because it’s not about what effect I have on the diet industry or the views of the majority, it’s about giving people who are suffering a way out – another option. You can’t change the world until you change your world."

Please link on over to read the whole thing, it's wonderful!

Here is the Dances with Fat home page. Scroll down toward the end to see the embedded video of Ragen and partner ballroom dancing. Beautiful!

Here is her Facebook page, too.

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  1. I am so conflicted about my dieting right now. I am definitely feeling enslaved vs empowered.

    I appreciate all you are writing and sharing. It is certainly helping me to keep my eyes wide open.