Thursday, January 8, 2015

Link Sharing Time: Getting Started with HAES

Ragen Chastain from Dances with Fat gives us a brief intro to HAES in Transitioning from Dieting to Health at Every Size.

She says: "For those who choose HAES, our activities are chosen based on our prioritization of our health and the path that we choose to get there, and are focused around nurturing our bodies and increasing our odds for good health, rather than trying to make them a certain size or height/weight ratio."

HAES has been a large part of my ED recovery work for the past several years, or at least the core ideas of it. My exercise is still pretty erratic and I'm not healthy at my current size - yet - but I have been focusing mostly on my relationship with food so far. I don't binge any longer, but I still have high blood sugar (or insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome or whatever it's called this month). I still have to balance Intuitive Eating with the restrictions that are necessary for diabetes. It's kind of tough to separate yourself from the diet mentality when, essentially, you still have to diet. But, like everything else it's a process, and I'm working on it. My weight has stabilized; I haven't lost any weight, but I haven't continued to gain it either. I'm starting to learn how to care for myself with physical movement, learn how to exercise without punishing myself, without hurting myself. Maybe I'll lose some weight now; maybe I won't - either way, I'll be proud of myself for being able to run (a little) where I couldn't before, being able to climb stairs and ladders and still be able to breathe, and being able to hold my balance, move gracefully, be comfortable in the body I have NOW.

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