Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Things That Make Me Inordinately Happy In Comparison to the Effort Expended, In No Particular Order

First, happy 2013! For me, 2012 was a big year for learning and growing. I don't make resolutions, exactly, but I want to bring more focus on joy and fulfillment for this brand new year.

Therefore, in no particular order, here is a list of things that make me ridiculously happy.

  • Tiny turtles poking their heads out of a lake.
  • The first sip of the first cup of coffee every morning.
  • Especially if that sip can be done sitting on a porch on a cool morning with a nice view of nature.
  • Getting my hair washed and a scalp massage at the salon.
  • When my little cat, D, curls up inside the crook of my arm at night.
  • Also, when she plays with a toy and yowls at it like she's having the best orgasm ever.
  • When my bigger cat, S, head butts me to get some attention.
  • When my still bigger cat, B, sleeps hanging out from under the curtain, sprawled on his back and limbs go everywhere.
  • When my biggest cat, M, curls up next to my hubby on the couch covers his eyes with his paw.
  • The first 10 minutes after a shower, when I'm perfectly clean and my skin doesn't itch.
  • The last chapter of a really, really good book. 
  • Reading in a truly oversized armchair.
  • Crawling back into bed for a snuggle with my beloved.
  • Taking off the bra at the end of the day.
  • Looking at photographs from good times gone by.

Certain there's more, but you get the idea. For a change I want to look for good things instead of only looking for the bad things, because if that's all you look for, that's all you will ever see.

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  1. Thank you!!!!!!! Got to focus on the inordinate happiness available to me everyday!